Dr Moosa Live Psychic Rituals Will be Available on The 28th and 30th

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All live psychic rituals will be available on the 28th and the 30th of December. I will perform a ritual that makes wishes come true! In this ritual I will use the energy of fire. To do this ritual you will need candles, matches or lighter, a sheet of paper and pen. In free chat you can write down your wish on a piece of paper and put the paper under a candle. In private chat me and you will light the candle together.  Learn More….

1.Bring Back Lost Love.

2.Remove Bad Spells

4.Win Any Kind Of Court Case. 100% Guaranteed!

5.Recover Stolen Properties “Guaranty”

6.Attract Customers To Your Business

7.Get Rid Of Alcohol, Smoking <and Drugs

8.Enlargement Creams For Men

9.Marry Your Dream Lover

2.Ensure Success In Your Business

3.Bewitched And Skin Diseases

4.Swollen Body, Painful Joints

5.Get Twins As Many As You Wish Guaranty

6.Penis enlargement creams for men

7.Speak to your ancestors on phone

8.get a promotion at work

9.And many more problems can be solved.

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Email: drmoosa@hotmail.com  Do not hesitate to Call or Whats App: +27783261944
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