Learn Psychic Healing Work

 Psychic person use his or her own power to heal others on a personal level, or just to heal others in general. Everybody is born with psychic ability but most of us don’t use it. We are born into the Western way of thinking, and psychic ability is not on the school curriculum. In many ways this just shows how backward we can be as a race, not to mention ignorance which is everywhere in the society we live in.

How is the psychic ability transformed

You see from the beginning of time when god made man! He also gave us the ability to communicate with him, his team of helpers, and each other through psychic abilities. After much time studying your own abilities you would indeed know the power that you hold within yourself. Let me give you some examples of psychic ability.

The phone rings but before you answer it you know who it is. An accident happens where you need great strength to help someone, and from out of no where you find the strength, lifting a heavy object off another person like a car, or just holding onto something to allow another person to escape from danger.

How many times have you fancied something special for dinner and come home to find your partner has prepared it for you?

And another great one is how many of you recognize your pets get excited when they know that their master is on his or her way home from work or a trip away.

All the above mentioned are ways of using your psychic ability, and don’t forget the many ways that have not been mentioned. This can also be used to heal people and animals. So if you feel the urge go ahead and try it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. When you have had some results drop me a line and let me know. All you have to do is put your hands near the patient whether human or animal, find what’s called the aura, an electronic field around anything living, and ask your mind to heal whatever is wrong with the patient.

You may feel like you have to heal over and over again day after day. So go ahead and heal as many times as you may feel necessary until in your mind you feel that you have done your best using what powers you have. And remember it may take some time to get to know how to access these powers, and in some cases many years so you must have patience. Any questions you can mail me, and depending on the volume I will do my very best to make sure you get a reply. Learn more….