thought this story is really amusing. the reason why i shared it.

Holistic healers

I went to Michigan  and  New York  in United States of America but amazing most of  people does not know what is the meaning  Ancestral spirits although most of them her spiritual temple goers and like to to go spiritual healers for solving their problems and mostly some of them end up landed to a fake healers scams.

what i suggest before you use something to help you why don’t first just take your time learn what it is and what the consequence of it and risks about ?

But in African we grow up knowing what is our back roots ,and the meaning of alternative backroom healing and the risks involved that’s why its very rear to find someone  suffering and land to a fake activity of scam.

when i traveled to Brasil  i just got some client of mine begging me to go there permanently and start to operate there.

look at the testimony.  …

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