The safest Way To Live Without HIV Infection in simple explanations

Do you think abstain from sex is the best way to live safe from HIV infection

Is it good idea abstain from sex is the best way to live safe away from HIV infection?

I guess so but some times it is so difficult to control harmonious demanding and feelings of the body . asked a man about the same issue , you know the man asked me , i can’t believe he asked whether if i eat sweets while in its cover/wrapper that can i feel the sweetness..? i said no… and then he said that is the same way he can not have sex in a condom , he can not enjoy it .

Now listen people lets grow up on this matter , as international herbalist healer have experience in many years of research and basing on the guidance of my spiritual ancestral powers and knowledge , i can manage very well to control HIV victim giving them various herbal remedies invented long time ago by forefathers which has helped many by theirs conditions from worse to better. for more information click here


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