Miscarriage used to be a Minor something but these days compulsory

Miscarriage used to be a miner thing but these days compulsory

Most women these days getting a miscarriage  like its a hell ,it seems to be a usual thing , because there is a woman i know she has got 7 miscarriages which i think its not yet a record. I always wonder what causes that?  Is it  because of overloading stressful world, financial distress or domestic frustrations ?  Really it has become something strange or a evil thing to have committed.

In fact our new generation is in trouble if you do not know that. From our past tense people used to conceive nicely and successful deliver healthy babies, but these days even conceiving seems to be difficult. Most women seems to stop conceiving at age of 30-40 which is abnormal . Any for all of that Doctor Moosa has got solutions i guess if you can visit him to his offices or view his website here