How to experience the felling of a direct healing spells

Dr.Moosa in South Africa, Durban,

Dr.Moosa in South Africa, Durban, Johannesburg, East London and other Around the world.

If you are in need of a real spell caster that is very experienced in direct healing spells. Here is Doctor Moosa.  I believe have had a lot of trouble with previous spell casters and you need someone you can trust to do the right thing without asking for more money once the spell is paid for.   It must be a direct spell that will provide you with lasting overall healing and happiness in the best way…the right way that is safe for you.  Please keep in mind that due to my sensory/nervous system dysfunction, you may be also sensitive to all kinds of energy…including energy healing and spiritual energy.  you may  also have reactions to most herbs and supplements, so you are not looking to receive any kind of herbal remedy.  It must be a direct healing spell by using white magic.

There are many things that need healing…  The lasting overall healing should be on all levels (emotional, physical, mental and spiritual) in the best way with ease and grace (gentle).
Dysautonomia – Nervous system and sensory system – needs to be healed and calmed.
Some heavy metals and toxins in my system affecting my nervous system – toxin elimination issues
Blood brain barrier compromised (head burning)
Brain function, brain point weakness and chemical imbalances
Cranial nerves and other nerve problems
Allergies/sensitivities – to most things (foods, other ingestants, contactants, inhalants, injectants, and most internal and external things)
Multiple chemical sensitivity
Hyper-sensitivity to electromagnetic fields and radiant light – energy
Neurological recognition issues
Bladder burning and infections (mostly due to allergies)
Adrenal fatigue with low cortisol levels
Menopause – right ovary function, low estrogen levels and imbalance of hormones
Poor eye sight (born with bad vision)
Chronic fatigue – tired all the time
Sleep problems – insomnia (wake constantly during the night)
Anxiety – with some breathing issues and chest pains
Some dehydration
Skin hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation (dark spots and light spots and flat moles) – face, chest, arms & legs
Poor circulation – throughout body and worse in the lower half of my body especially legs and feet
Spider veins – small varicose veins
Right kidney pain  – twisting, stones and scar tissue
Scar tissue pain – pelvic area due to hysterectomy surgery 3 years ago to remove endometriosis (removed uterus and left ovary)
Scar tissue needs to be healed
All Hormone problems need to be healed
Under-methylation – genetic disorder that causes my body to have trouble processing and absorbing certain vitamins and nutrients.
Leaky gut syndrome
Neuro-Endocrine dysfunction
Inflammation throughout my body
Herpes simplex virus 2
Cellular communication issues
Genetic chemistry issues
Overall aches and pains throughout my body
Overall communication and functions with systems, organs, cells, tissues, etc. – need healing
Structural misalignment – unable to hold chiropractic adjustments – neck and back pain
Inability to handle stress – too much stress on my body
Emotions get stuck in my body causing health issues
Unhealthy and non-beneficial bacteria, candida, yeast, fungus, toxins, heavy metals, parasites, radiation, etc. – need to be gently eliminated.
Any other disease, illness or health issue that is causing my symptoms and reactions needs to be healed. Read More….
That’s all I can think of right now (I tried to be very specific).  Most of these issues are more recent and started in the past year or two.  A lot of these things started within the past 12 years (allergies).  Only on or two of them in the past 23 years (HSV2 virus).  I’ll let you know if there is anything else.  If you  would love to have perfect health and be happy.  To live a long, healthy, happy, loving and safe life with your husband and son and receive all good things in life.
I believe Doctor Moosa can help with a direct healing spell that will only have positive results without any negative side effects. Please direct me to someone that can’t really see this article. Learn More….