About my healing methods

An international traditional experienced herbal healer.

I am located in Cape Town and have helped many people change their lives. I help people solve all their failed problems and many people I work on or have worked on , they testify for that. I help people who have been cursed by either close relatives or close friends using my traditional way to output away all their curses and give them blessings.

Dr. Moosa the spiritualist from Cape Town- south Africa

Dr. Moosa the spiritualist from CapeTown is one of the world’s most powerful psychics because of his amazing accuracy for over 35 years now regarding love and relationships, life questions, money, career and bad taboo

I use the powers my ancestors gave me to cure all kinds of diseases like all signs and symptoms of HIV or AIDs. All those who had lost their lovers either husband or wife ,relatives and friends, whether they are overseas, in another province I bring them back to you with more love than they had for the first time in just a few days time with no complaint. Many people play LOTTO and put in a lot of money but they have never won even a single game! With my powers, I help them and give them luck charms and win LOTTO to start their new good life! Many people have failed in their businesses because of many roadblocks or people who do not wish them good, with my powers, I help you identify the reason for your failure and give business charms to boost your business and put it at higher level! Many people have failed to get lovers of their choice. I help you get all types of lovers you have ever wanted in your life time. Those who have got evil spirits haunting them to do bad things of which some of them are sent by your enemies which may lead to madness , I send them back or put them at rest and you become normal again. Many people have lost their jobs and others have totally failed to find one, I help you recover your job and also help you get a job of your choice using my powers. I also help those who have never been promoted at work to be promoted to higher positions! Many people are addicted to certain or different drugs and alcohol and would like to get rid of it but have got no solution, Come to me I will help you! Many of you have been complaining about other healers taking your money and run away, but am not like that because am using so ,many different kind of spirits which can even punish me for wrong doing. And i have helped many who has been failed to be healed by other healers or even those sicknesses failed clinical treatment i have treated them very well without fail. So instead of dying with complications, going to church praying all the time, while nothing changes, you must know that may be your prayer are blocked and cant be heard by god ,just find another solution for that.

Surely you have got a chance of dealing with a leader above the rest for quick genuine results permanently. with no regret
Contact Tel: +27783261944
Email: drmoosa@hotmail.com

Respected Dr. Moosa, Namaskar.

Iam From India And A Retired Police officer.

Iam A Victim Of Evil Energy.


I Request To Cast Spell To Get Rid Of Any Hex,Jinx,Bad Karma

Curse,Witch Crat,Blackmagic And Evil Force.

Please me. Help.

Rojan Singh Thronagir




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    Experienced in Ancestral healing and spell casting, Astrologers, Doctors, African Medicines, Ritualism, Herbalist healers, Spiritual healers, Native healer, Philosophy, Traditional healers, Herbal remedies, holistic healing,Call 24hrs:+27783261944.

    1.Bring Back Lost Love.

    2.Remove Bad Spells

    4.Win Any Kind Of Court Case. 100% Guaranteed!

    5.Recover Stolen Properties “Guaranty”

    6.Attract Customers To Your Business

    7.Get Rid Of Alcohol, Smoking <and Drugs

    8.Enlargement Creams For Men

    9.Marry Your Dream Lover

    2.Ensure Success In Your Business

    3.Bewitched And Skin Diseases

    4.Swollen Body, Painful Joints

    5.Get Twins As Many As You Wish Guaranty

    6.Penis enlargement creams for men

    7.Speak to your ancestors on phone

    8.get a promotion at work

    9.And many more problems can be solved.

    and many more, just vist his website listed below!

    Just contact him to visit you privately. He delivers worldwide.

    Email: drmoosa@hotmail.com
    Call: +27783261944
    Or visit work Address:

    Plot 4 Cambridge Street, Good Wood, Cape Town, South Africa 7450

    Website: http://www.drmoosa.webs.com


  2. I’m sick and tired of poverty I now live on handouts,I cant take it any more please help me ,how much shud I have for lucky charms to attract money and cast evil spirits that make me poor.how will I get my products cos I’m in Gauteng in JHB as I can’t afford cuming to you.


  3. This spiritualist came out of the dead to use his miracle spiritual healing methods and Ancestral spirits,Casting spells and herbal medicine. Heals and solve demonic attacks and misfortune related difficulties. Call for help: +27 78 326 1944


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  5. I wish to receive ur jinns spells.how do I contact you.I stay in Nigeria n I am a spinal injury patient.hope to hear from u soon.Thank you


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