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Bellow are some of Doctor Moosa’s clients pledge for help but it is not intended to publish people’s confidential  personal information either it has been intended to give a crew of what may be of the problem you are suffering while you do not know whom to talk to for solutions. Remember personal info has been changed to avoid inconveniences towards client’s sole identities.

Hi! I’m Debra Golenza . I need a spell love. I had a boyfriend and we broke up last year but I still love him so much. We still talk and we still get together sometimes. I’ve been talking to a spell caster but since we started nothing has worked and I’m running out of time. I feel that if I don’t do something right away I’m going to lose him forever. We broke up because he felt that he need to be single but we still spend a lot of time together but he’s also spending time with other girls. I want him back as my boyfriend and marry him one day. I want him only to be with me, I want to be the only girl in his life, and the only that he thinks about and love deeply. I need something really effective and quick for him to come back to me.
Please help me, I’m really desperate.

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Dear Spiritual healer Moosa
To need to fix my problme, how much i need to send my problem is follows
I read your web site and believe you will help to solve my problem. have a some of jinn in my body , it often jumps to my daughter. it crawls, lot of hunting black magic, witchman put me on idol , since my body is attached with the spirit and they control my body.lot of voices , scrude , images in my body. jinn shouts , what iam doing, witchman hear and send hunts on all actions. the victim some time enters in my body and watch me. my jinn pays money for the witchman.they made business through my body, like selling my body for money. 
i wanted to kill my spritual work portion, remove jinn. to start with jinn has to shrink not work for them and remove from my body. its eats, my body water, my bones , blood. my body water and blood , is bad need cleansing
write to me
Yours Faith Handez   From Australia

Good day to you Doctor.

I am elated to read your brief response to my earlier mail to you. I have followed links in the past and responded but never received as much as an acknowledgement that I ever communicated. An immediate response from you has given me very high hopes that finally I can obtain some respite the distance apart not withstanding. As I hinted earlier my life has been one of hopelessness. I have sought answers to my plight as I felt that i didn’t deserve what I was going through and that I deserved the very best of life. Much as I have tended to be a very private person the people I have often interacted with have often thought very highly of me without ever knowing the turmoil I have been going through. In this regard I have often felt that I have been living a lie.My quest for deliverance that has driven me into spirituality has taught me that Everything rests on how you think and what you have been taught to believe since childhood. The nightmare has been to alter these thoughts and acquire the ones that I believe in whatever the rest of the world believes. One vital lesson that I have deliberately adopted is that the answers to problems lie in a myriad of solutions contrary to the one and only way that conventional religion has drummed into our heads. It is for this reason that I couldn’t help but mesmerize at what I was reading on your web-page. I believe that all this is possible and that this is what God intended life to be, a life of abundance with remedies for all afflictions. You will agree with me that any ordinary soul going through your website will dismiss it off-hand as myopia, at worst devilish, just on account of how we’ve been trained ever since.

I did not intend to bore you with a long sermon like this. Instead I intended to give you a brief summary of my life history in order to see if you could be of better help to me.
I started off life relatively well, so I thought(with the benefit of hindsight). Academics was my passion with the hope of one day being a noble person in society. I did well academically in the earlier years until hell broke loose. It was never the same again. Ever since I have never meaningfully held a job. The few that I have landed have ended unceremoniously for no proper reasons giving me the impression that I am jinxed.Today , 47 years later I am ashamed of being stuck in my father’s house with no wife, no family of my own no job and no hope for the future. I personally have been a fan of a large family ,but now from the look of things I am loosing hope. When I look back into my early childhood I can clearly see certain things that I believe clearly cast a spell in my future.In your page you have stated that you can help in auditing the past and clearly seeing what caused the present state of circumstances. I would be thankful if your help towards me would start from this direction. I have stated that my current hopeless situation has even kept me jobless to the extent that I am penniless.I have put a lot of faith in you CV that I have no doubt that all the array of things that I will put before you will work. I have a good reason for my faith. My only humble and yet desperate request is that you unblock my path that has come unstuck with no hope for the future and I must fulfill my part of the bargain. Obviously the question of hide and seek once my lot changes. I shudder at the repercussions. Doctor., imagine 47 years by ordinary standards is a forlorn time to stay this way. You must help me because It can’t wait for so long. I have put all my faith and trust in your ability to help, the distance not withstanding. In fact I am dreaming of a one-on-one with you in future
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Thomas Stuart’,

Dear doctor Moosa

My name is FRANK DENISA. Born 29/02/1978 and live in Darling western cape. I am a Christian and scrapped all my energy to ask you for help. See all my life I have been struggling but, at this moment in time I suffer a lot. I am on the verge of losing my house. I have a lot of debt that I don’t know how to resolve.I have been fired from a 15 year career a year ago and ever since my life have been going downhill. I don’t know if I have been cursed but something just feel strange . I just started working at a new place at home but there is never money to buy food or to pay debt. Because of this as a man you feel hopeless with no confidence. Me and my wife always argue because of money matters. Another big problem is that I have a “little big problem” with my private part that’s to small. My wife always assure me its okay but, I know that she is not satisfied. All of this make me sometimes feel as if I am a loser.My in-laws are also living with us because they had no income besides pension. To see other people who also depend on you starting to worry, put a great amount of stress on your life. I also suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes. I have lost a lot of weight during the past year and a half. I have no money at the moment to pay you but will do so if you can help me with a solution as quick as possible.I also would like to keep everything discreet. I only uses this laptop in the morning as I work night shift (12 mesmerizing hours) to learn the art of brewing that I know nothing about and also struggling with the fiscal work. Hope to hear from you very soon


Hi Dr Moosa, Me Fahimah and My husband Mohammad Salam Titus would like to visit.

Dr.We need your Help Desperately,both me and my husband are in debts.I am unemployed and my husband works as a psychiatric male nurse,but he got so much debts and are now under debt review which takes almost his whole monthly wages.

We live from his change and its very hard.I fight almost every day with him,I dnt have feeling for sex anymore because of the worries of bills not getting paid and no food in the house. Please Dr Moosa how much consultation for both me and my husband as we dnt have much money.
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Subject: A prophet that has ties to a demon

Hello brother  Dr Moosa,

My name is Samalia Dontzlerai. I live in Columbia. ,South Carolina in the United States. Well to start off I have an anointing of God on my life that has given me visions in the past. I lost my gift when me and this dude named Daryliomn Briggos came into my life. He practices the dark arts also and is so influential that the government is afraid of him because he knows the SECRET to mankind. He even professes to have seen the devil and has gotten his power from IT! His family are known as warlocks and atheists. They are devil worshipers. Well sometime ago he found me. And actually I saw him in a vision before he found me and before I knew who he was and when I came to from the vision all I could say was, “His father passed him through the fire!” I was 12 years old then. I met him when Iwas 17 and I didn’t know who he was. But then he started coming around more and when we smoked marijuana he would do spiritual movements and I thought it was cool but I didn’t care. When my dad met him he told me to stay away from him. I responded, “Dad, what would you do if I ended up like him? ” My dad replied, “I would kill you”,because I love you. To make a long story short, we had a meeting of the minds sort of and now I see him when I go to sleep at night and he torments me. My gifts are gone and I just want my intelligence (spiritual, mental, and physical) back! I hear him in my dreams and I beg for it back but he just tells me to sue him! How can I go to a lawyer and say I want to sue him just because we live with each other? They will look at me like I’m crazy and give me a psych evaluation. My family knows my struggle. My mom is the one who told me to find an old witch doctor who can help me out. We practice Christianity and would never under certain circumstances do anything like this but this is spiritual warfare and I don’t know who to turn to. I an a real person with a real issue. He tells me he can kill me in my sleep and I see his face every night when I dream. HE IS A REAL PERSON, demonic in the flesh. He has gifts that make his life PERFECT and his family too they use him as a medium between this world and whatever world is out the re to get answers from principalities, authorities, dominions, powers. I want him out of me and if you are real voodoo priest or spiritual faith healer then it’s going to take all that you got to solve a real issue. I’m not like anyone else this is physical flesh manifested in the spiritual mind. I have no spiritual wisdom, knowledge, or understanding. I’m fatigue all the time, depressed, impotent, and called mentally unstable. He is the antichrist because he says Jesus was a homosexual. I want my visions and prophetic dreams back can you help me out? I want to be able to perform with females again if possible. I just want you to banish him from my mind, thoughts, and spiritual eyes. HELP ME PLEASE! He really is a demon in the flesh. I’m anointed for great works for God. He found me and our minds joined and he skipped town while I got locked up in a mental institution in 2001 because he caused me to snap. I was 20 years old. Now I’m 34. This is real so regard it as so. I use to see spirits but it has all left me. I want my gifts back. Help me please. …do all you can because I can tell if it worked or not.
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ie: when we first joined my eyes were looking down my throat and all I could see was a white light and when I was breathing out, I was breathing in. And when I was breathing in I was breathing out at the same time. Then weeks later my skull cracked and it hurt like hell.
Can you tell me how you can help me, what’s required of me, what your going to do, and tell me what you understand from my problem. Thank you.



 My name is Jannine Jones and my birthday is November 4, 1986. I really need m help because I feel like my life is at a standstill. I can’t get ahead in life and my money situation isn’t workout in my favor. My kids father  Dohany Smith, who birthday is 20/01/1984 is giving me a hard time and not support his kids. He rather help his girlfriend than to help me with the kids and the bills. I want to know if there’s any negative or curse causing all these troubles and major setbacks in my life. However, my kids father and I are not together but still live together. In fact I’m renting an space from him family who isn’t much help to me. I’ve been freeing very depressed and in need of help. I don’t know what else to do at this point Dr. Moosa. Another thing the the kids father is making it difficult to move on or get into a new relationship. I don’t want to be with him neither but all he seem to want his sex from me even those he has a woman. However, I just want to get ahead in life and able to take care of my kids. Please help me. My address
19825 11th Road, Saint Albans, Ny 11412

I tried calling you this morning, i just want to know how you work, as we speak i have been dealing with another healer who has taken me round in circles. Any way that is life you encounter people who cheat you.
1. I have problems huge issues. I am in debts to my neck, i worked for a couple that needed to start a business but did not have the education/skills. In short the agreement was they would pay me once they got operation license. That did not happen as soon they got license they fired me and employed someone from their tribe, attempts to talk with fail, they refuse to see me. i worked for them for a year, this was lat year. they are making money good money but will not pay me. my kids are going back to school i have no fees my bills are behind. how can you help me.
2. i have some other issues that involve my brothers and sisters. i come from a polygamous family, my siblings are all learned but can get jobs, one of my brothers very smart kid is just getting lost drinking cheap alcohol, the other one just quit college and seem to be lost too. Why yet my step brothers all of them have big jobs but no education? why that spirit of stagnation only in my mothers house?

there is more but number one is important, i want these people to pay me what they owe me and also compensate me had i been working that period i would not be in debt as today.
advice and help,



Hi Dr Moosa I’m a broke and jobless from Johannesburg can’t do anything to support my family help me please with amagundane if its okay with you ill after bcoz I’m seriously broke I can’t take it anymore if I don’t pay you curse me its okay but I swear in Gods name I will pay you please please please my BIS will end on Sunday we must finish our talk on Saturday please from Johannes Langanyi  Nkosi
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Dear Dr. Moosa,
my name is Serugio Moses  and I am reaching out to you for help. About two weeks ago my wife Mariam-Frances left me after 25 years of marriage (and two beautiful children) saying that she did not love me anymore and she wanted her freedom back. She left and I have not heard from her apart from a letter from her lawyer with a request for divorce. I am a good man and love her dearly. My dream would have been to age together and to enjoy our lives together. Our two daughters are also in a lot of pain for the situation.
I have read your site and I would love to be helped. I am going through a period of difficulties also on the financial side and I need to ask you in advance the cost because I am not sure I can afford it. Please help me to get her back. I would be forever grateful Sir.
As requested I enclose copy of a picture of mine and hers for your analysis. Currently we are both in Nigeria (Lagos) but I do not know her precise location.
Thanks a lot for your help and please make an end to my pain.
Kind regards,
Serugio M



Hello Dr Moosa, the person who i want to receive the spell is me. I live with a roommate, i desire my own personal space, so that i can have my life the way i choose, to have my children come be and visit with me. My licenses expires Oct 22 I owe on it $1000.00, then i owe bank $4000.00 before i can go back to school. I been out of work seeking full time employment of $18/hr or better office Monday to Friday work. I have other debts as well that need to be paid. I thank you for your help and casting money windfall spells for me on my behalf as i have very little $$. Seeking a blessing of $30,000.00 to cover my life moving into my own space furniture, etc.. thank you so very much. Blessing to you.

  •  need help. I have searched and then I found your site. I been looking for work still yet to be employed full time. I would take this money 30,000 and pay off my debts move off my friend’s futon, to my own place, pay off the bank to go back to school as well. Then I would have school funding to live off of as well than could work the little jobs that I have been. So that I could have a stable continuous income.  He no want me at his house I no want to be there, I not a street person no drugs no drinks, just lost my job. In Edmonton Alberta Canada, no family around me. I have two girls from a failed marriage that I still do my best to see & be with every Tuesday from 5:30-9:30pm custody visitation. I know how to budget & live well under ones means it is just that I lost my job then it all went away the house, the car, my girls. I am one step away from the streets all I have are boxes no furniture even. I desire to go to take business, for a 18 months – 2 yrs program. Or work during the day & take mini programs to be better at night. I owe on my license, insurance & lack a car. Many jobs that I can do pay 24.00/hr just one must have own transportation. I have had great repay & excellent credit when I was working. Paid bill on time. I no qualify for Employment Insurance as I short hours, No get welfare as no have secure full time job. Parents have no funds to help me either. They from Jamaica, came here to Canada they lack nor taught me finances or budgeting. They have no credit to co-sign, I became ward of the province of Ontario at 12yrs. I over 18 no more help. I have asked for help from friends & family however the people I associate with are not that much better. I know that it going to be it up to me. I must get out of this, my roommate is quite a challenge says it ok, that I can stay there as I keep looking for employment, then tells me the next day to leave. My girls are sad for me, their father is remarried, I no family seek help. I not being abused or on drugs so I no qualify for street or government help as I not really that bad. Just unemployed. Credit scores is need to rent here as well have bad credit score not rent the nice places. I am quite resourceful. So I would use low income housing places, 1st one must have a steady income to qualify. Food banks free clothing depots. Study, buy books second hand,  are just a few of the things I would do. I did not even mention the rent to own options instead of wasting money away via renting. It be a challenge to rent with a credit like mine. 10 – 15,000.00 covers it all move debts, all of it.  2yrs – 3yrs to work & pay it off…. Now I have a plan, I have a way of action… Just seek help to get started
  • Yours
  • Cook Pinnock” <


 Dear dr moosa  hear my story about the guy i call my husband.

He comes to visit me and my kids as often as he can he gave me his promise ring that we have started planning to go to Ghana where we all come from I have a terrible past with family love relationship and a lot this guy showed me love for 2 years now I have commit to him he’s on holidays in Gh now and I have notice our communication is fading he still flirts with his old ex ladies I do love this guy but this bad habits is making me scared my family knows about us I don’t want another disgrace please help feel he wants to break up with me I want him to commit to me and only me even if it’s possible that he can’t erect with any other woman apart from Me I will be very grateful … My 2. Problem is money before I use to think when you live in Europe then you have everything like money and bla bla but hmmm it’s hard for me to feed me two kids here and send 100$ to my mom and brothers at home I want to win a lottery Europe or Swiss lottery I never win a cent when I buy a lottery ticket in the kiosk all I get is sorry madam then I come back I know if my financial situation changes a lot will also change in my life thanks for taking your time to read my long note but I’m looking forward to hearing from yoI call it a blessing to have had given all the necessary spiritual teachings, intense training on how to cast good spells with the help of my ancestral and spiritual abilities, my healing practice is carefully implemented and all spells are carefully designed in specific ways to be able assist in fulfilling my clients goals. If you are new or you have been disappointed by other witches or healers who have failed to provide you with the results they promised you and you’re stuck with no option of achieving or solving your problem, you can contact us, we will look into your situation with high respect and care in form of consultation normally done on free of charge.

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