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How to contact this well acknowledged traditional spiritual healer

QUOTE REF: THD870023/02.

Dear good clients.
Please make sure you quote the practice registration no. for any transaction you make. Whenever contact for help, please try email with your cell phone number. as your reference which you gonna receive an sms text after receiving your payment / Progress or at the completion of your healing process. Although some problems are for pay but even if you don’t have money just share this website to everyone and then you will be helped free ( Terms and conditions apply)

ADDRESS:  4  Pearce street, Claremont 7708,Cape Town,Western Cape,South Africa

OFFICE HOURS: 06:00 Am  to  06:30 Pm   South Africa’s  time

CONTACT Tel                  +27 783 261 944
MAIN EMAIL  :      



9 thoughts on “Contact Us

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  2. i have emailed you in your private website…3 times sir.I don’t have any money..but is there anything i can do to seek help from you free of cost?my email is
    if you check your inbox,you will find my mails.please see to them.please.and please tell me if anyway i can seek a free true strong love spell without any charge,i am ready to do anything.will always owe you sir and i will testify everywhere once my problem is solved.please sir.i beg you


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